LEWFA Hyperfast Broadband moves up a gear!

Lawkland Parish Meeting have handed over communications to LEWFA Hyperfast Planning Group.

You can keep in touch with developments by signing in to the newsletter about the LEWFA Hyperfast Broadband project. If you live in Lawkland, Eldroth, Wharfe, Feizor or Austwick you’ll want to know about it!

Please Reply Now

All the houses in Lawkland and Austwick Parishes have now received a copy of our newsletter.  Thanks to all those who have sent back their reply already. If you haven’t replied yet we’d really appreciate your reply asap, even if you have indicated your interest previously. You can do it now by clicking here and using the email response. Or drop the slip in either of the boxes in Austwick village shop or Eldroth Church.

Important correction

Bad news and good news. Bad news is there was a big error in the flier you received through your door. Good news is that the monthly charge for the B4RN service through LEWFA Hyperfast is £30 including VAT, not plus VAT as stated. Very sorry!


Planning Group progress

The LEWFA planning group is working very hard behind the scenes to progress the project since being formed in May this year. We’ve written and delivered the newsletter to your door. The route planners are close to finalising how the fibre lines will go through the area, subject to way-leaves permission from landowners. A costing for the work is being drawn up. Investor packs are already being sent out to those who have asked for them, and indication of how much funding is being gathered. A website will be ready soon on which we can post relevant information. Phew!


More information from info@lewfahyperfast.org.uk

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