Village Show Results 2015

Austwick Village Show 2015

Despite a difficult growing season with very little sunshine the standard of the fruit and vegetable exhibits at Austwick’s Annual Flower and Handicraft Show was outstanding. Once again, it was particularly encouraging to see new exhibitors and new faces winning classes and trophies. The judges were impressed with the standard of the exhibits and those visiting the show were not disappointed.

This year’s results are as follows:

Challenge Trophy for The Best Exhibit in the Show: Pam Smith. Winifred Mattinson Cup for most points in the Flower Section: Frances Southworth. Ulrich Kube Memorial Cup for four roses: Paul Tibbatts. Richard Wallbank Trophy for Best Pot Plant: Judith Milnthorpe. Byles Challenge Cup for the best Bowl of Roses: Frances Southworth. Chapman Trophy for the most points in the Artistic Flower Section: Carol Wilkinson, Edna Chapman. Preston Cup for most points in the Vegetable Section: Bill Procter. Fred Price Memorial Trophy for the best Potato Exhibit: Bill Procter. Brook Poultry Cup for the best exhibit in the Egg Section: Marie Lothian. Glyn Jones Challenge Cup for the most points in the Handicraft Section: Sheila Gooch. Metcalfe Cup for the best Photographic Exhibit: Judy Leeming. Malcolm Bowker Trophy for Photography (set subject): Judy Leeming. Jean Dodgson Award for best item in Handicraft Section: Pam Smith. Brook Cookery Cup for most points in the Cookery Section: Sue Dewhirst. Marjorie Wedderburn Prize best cookery exhibit: Michael Southworth. Foster Beaver Challenge Cup for most points in the combined Produce Sections: Catherine Vaughan-Williams. Nellie Price Memorial Cup for the most points in the Children’s Section: Izabella Spensley. Brook Handwriting Cup (8-11 years): Izabella Spensley. Sharples Cup for the best exhibit in the Children’s Section: Izabella Spensley.

Flower Section:

4 roses: 1. P Tibbatts 2. Pat Broadhead 3 roses at different stages: 1.K Bordley 2.K Smith 3. F Bowring 4 garden pinks: 1. K Bordley 2. F Southworth 3. M Pettiford 4 pansies or violas: 1. M Pettiford 2. F Southworth 3. M Pettiford 4 pot marigolds: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. F Southworth 3. C Vaughan-Williams 4 French or African marigolds: 1. B Procter 2. M Pettiford 4 dahlias: 1 & 2. K Morphet 4 phlox: 1. D Swale 2. B Procter

3 stems of a flowering shrub: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. M Preston 3. M Hird 9 spikes sweet peas: 1. C Vaughan –Wiliiams 2. F Bowring 3. C Wilkinson

A container of sweet peas: 1. J Milnthorpe 2. M Southworth 3. F Bowring A vase of hardy perennials: 1. F Southworth 2. H Thompson 3. M Hird A flowering house plant: 1. J Huck 2. S Dewhirst 3. M Preston, J Butler A house plant grown for its foliage: 1.J Milnthorpe 2.M Preston 3. J Butler A cactus or succulent: 1. C Vaughan-Williams A bowl of roses: 1. F Southworth 2. C Wilkinson 3. C Vaughan-Williams A bowl of nasturtiums: 1. F Southworth 2. S Dewhirst 3. C Wilkinson

Best in Section: Frances Southworth, A vase of perennials.

Artistic Flower Section:

An arrangement of garden flowers with foliage: 1. E Thornton 2. M Preston 3. C Wilkinson ‘In the frame’: 1. E Thornton 2. C Wilkinson 3. M Preston ‘My Hobby’: 1. E Thornton 2. C Wilkinson 3. M Preston Pink Perfection: 1. M Preston 2. C Wilkinson 3. E Thornton A petite arrangement: 1. C Wilkinson 2. M Preston 3 Charlotte Wilkinson

Best in Section: Edna Thornton, My Hobby.

Vegetable and Fruit Section:

4 white potatoes: 1.B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams 3. B Procter 4 coloured potatoes: 1 & 2. B Procter 3. J Butler 3 carrots: 1 & 2 M Pettiford 3 onions: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan- Williams 3. M Pettiford 3 beetroot: 1 & 2 B Procter 3. M Southworth 7 Shallots: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams 3. P Tibbatts 6 pods of peas: 1. J Milnthorpe 2. G Gooch 3. B Procter 6 pods of broad beans: 1. G Gooch 2. J Milnthorpe 3. M Southworth 6 pods of French beans: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams 3. V Caperon 2 courgettes: 1&3 C Vaughan-Williams 2. M Southworth 3. G Cleverly 1 cauliflower: 2. M Pettiford 3. G Cleverly 1 cabbage: 1. J Smith 2 & 3 B Procter A selection of salad leaves: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. G Gooch 3. B Procter 1 cucumber: 1. C Vaughan-Williams 2. P Tibbatts 3. C Vaughan-Williams 4 ripe tomatoes: 2. C Vaughan-Williams A truss of tomatoes: 1. S Dewhirst 2. B Procter 3. C Vaughan-Williams 1 flower and 1 vegetable: 1.M Southworth 2. M Pettiford 3. B Procter 4 distinct vegetables on a tray: 1&3 C Vaughan-Williams 2. M Southworth Up to 6 culinary herbs: 1. B Procter 2. C Vaughan-Williams 3. S Gooch A saucer of one variety soft fruit: 1.B Procter 2&3. C Vaughan-Williams Up to 4 soft fruits: 1. B Procter 2. M Southworth 3. C Vaughan-Williams Any vegetable or fruit not included elsewhere: 1&3 C Vaughan-Williams 2. G Cleverly 3. J Huck

Best in Section: Catherine Vaughan-Williams : Other vegetable or fruit

Egg Section:

3 hen eggs: 1&3 L Harrison 2. J Lothian 3 bantam eggs: 1. F Southworth 2. C Vaughan-Williams 3. J Milnthorpe 3 hen eggs including contents: 1. M Lothian 2. L Harrison 3. J Lothian 3 bantam egg including contents: 1.C Vaughan-Williams 2. J Milnthorpe

Best in Section: Marie Lothian: 3 hen eggs including contents

Art, Photography & Handicraft Section:

The seaside’: 1. S Gooch 2. P Smith 3. K Bordley A painting in any medium: 1. Charlotte Wilkinson 2. S Hargreaves 3. P Smith An interior drawing: 1. S Gooch 2. P Smith

A drawing any other subject: 1. P Smith 4 different photographs:1. A Rigby 2. J Leeming 3. C Leeming 4 digital photographs: 1. J Leeming 2. N Thompson 3. C Leeming A photograph – “Movement”: 1. J Leeming 2. G James 3. J Butler Papercraft: 1. S Gooch: Bag, box or bowl: 1. H Meadows 2. J Lothian 3. P Smith An item of interior/exterior decor: 1. S Gooch An item using embroidery thread : 1.S Dewhirst knitted/ crocheted item: 1. R Abblett 2&3. M Eaton Other needlework: 1. S Gooch 2. R Abblett 3. M Eaton An item of felt work: 1. P Smith 2. S Gooch 3. S Dewhirst Any other item: 1. P Smith 2&3 R Abblett

Best in Section: Pamela Smith: Feltwork

Cookery Section:

Wholemeal loaf: 1. J Milnthorpe 2. S Dewhirst 3. Pat Broadhead, Crossleigh Stores 4 biscuits: 1. J Huck 2. K Huck 3. S Dewhirst 4 cheese scones: 1. S Dewhirst 2. J Milnthorpe 3. S Rouse 4 flapjacks: 1. S Dewhirst 2. J Huck 3. C Vaughan-Williams 4 almond slices: 1. S Goold Gingerbread loaf: 1. K Smith 2. J Huck 3. S Goold Recipe item – chocolate cake: 1. S Hargreaves 2. M Lothian 3. K Huck Swiss roll: 1. M Lothian 2. H Rouse 3. K Huck 6 canapes: 1. C Vaughan-Williams A cold sweet: 1. J Lothian 2. K Huck 3. S Harrison Fruit pie: 1. S Dewhirst 2. K Huck Jar of jam/jelly: 1. K Huck 2. B Procter 3. S Dewhirst A jar of marmalade: 1. M Eaton 2. P Smith 3. C Wilkinson Jar of lemon curd: 1.G Cleverly 2. M Pettiford 3. C Vaughan-Williams A bottle of homemade wine or liqueur: 1. F Southworth 2. B Hargreaves 3. C Wilkinson A cordial or non-alcoholic drink: 1. M Southworth 2. J Huck A jar of pickle/chutney: 1. J Huck 2. C Vaughan-Williams Men only: an apple pie: 1. B Wright 2. P Tibbatts 3.G Bowring

Best in Section: Michael Southworth: Cordial

Children’s Section:

Artwork, children under school age: 1. H Hewgill Decorated letter of alphabet:

1. H Hewgill Artwork, 5-8 years: 1. T Hewgill: Handwriting, 8-11 years: 1. I Spensley Painted pebble: 1. L Benson 2.I Spensley, C Wilkinson 3. C Wilkinson, L Harrison Poster: Railway 1.I Spensley 2. C Wilkinson Photograph – ‘Local wildlife’: 1&3 E Benson 2. L Harrison decorated wellington boot: 1. I Spensley Loom band creation: 1. L Harrison A model made from junk: 1. I Spensley 2. L Harrison Vegetable animal: 1. E Benson 2. I Spensley 3. L Harrison 3 raspberry buns: 1. L Harrison 2. E Benson 3. C Wilkinson ‘Something I have grown myself’:1. E Benson A miniature garden/allotment: 1. I Spensley

Best in Section: Isabella Spensley, a miniature garden or allotment.

This is a fun event and if you feel you would like to support the show why not enter something next year?

The AGM will take place towards the end of October and new members, suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

Sue Dewhirst

( show secretary )

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