Recruitment drive call

The club has been urged to adopt  innovative approaches to boosting membership.

The call came from club Chair Catherine Mackenzie in her report to the annual meeting held on March 1.

Catherine described the past year as ‘mixed’, with some successes for the league teams – most notably the Ladies Doubles team who  finished second in the top division of the Bradford League, but the slight drop in overall club membership was a worrying sign that could not be allowed to continue.

She outlined some ideas to draw new members to the club. These included open days as part of the national Lawn Tennis Association programme, new competitions such as tie breaker tennis and short tennis and the organisation of ‘family days’ making full use of the playing field facilities including the children’s play area.

The greatest need at present is for women members to join the small group that play in the three club sides in the Wharfedale (mixed doubles) League, but all new members would be welcome whether male or female, young or old, beginners or regular players looking for competitive tennis.

The AGM took place just a few days before work starts on converting the tarmacked area behind the tennis courts into a new multi-use games area, which will be marked out for a variety of sports including five-a-side football, basketball, netball and volley. The area will also form a third tennis court for league games and use at other times when the existing two courts are occupied . The work is being organised by the Playing Fields Association, with financial contributions from the tennis club and a grant from Keighley Tennis, who are committed to increasing facilities in this area.

Club treasurer Pam Mueller reported that, thanks to long-term sound stewardship of our finances, the club would remain in a strong financial position even after making a contribution to the new multi-use games area.

The meeting, which was the best attended for a number of years, despite poor weather, re-elected Cath Mackenzie as Chair, Jo Martin as Secretary and Pam Mueller as Treasurer. The committee was also re-elected as a whole. Members are: Steve Dew, Mark Hewgill, Graham Jarvis, Ian Plimmer, Arthur Riley, Mike Smith and Pam Whitehead.

The next AGM will be held on NOVEMBER 14, 2016.  The switch from March to November was made to bring the meeting closer to the end of the financial year  which finishes in September.


Source: Tennis Club

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