Our village shop and local pub!

Many visitors at our annual Austwick Street Market and Cuckoo Festival could not fail to notice Cross Leigh Store and Post Office, our village shop and PO run by Sue, Beth & Michael Low. However one visitor has taken the time to write to the village website thus:

“One of the best family days out ever was at Austwick’s Street Market and Cuckoo Festival last Monday. We had the most fantastic time and marvel at all the work, we understand volunteers do to make the day a success, raising funds for the village causes.

Coming as we do from a village that has lost it’s heart, the shop, post office, pub and consequently many other integral businesses such as bed and breakfasts, we were overjoyed to see the village shop selling such a range of products, that visitors and residents need locally. Perfection that took us back to reflecting of the way our village used to be with personal customer service, products that we really needed or the luxuries that are not essential but make life that little bit more enjoyable! Thank you to the village store, local pub and everyone that made our visit so a great memory, we will be back next year”. Joan, George, Marjorie and Bill Johnstone. crossleigh1 Crossleigh

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