Cool and Groovy Players!

Review 5th March 2016 – The Swinging Sixties come to Austwick!

We were warned that this year’s Austwick Players entertainment, “The times they are a changing”, would be something else. And it was, man!

The Players throw their heart and soul into every production and this year’s offering was no exception. From the minute the Guru Maharishi Yogi Yorki (George Gooch) led his devoted followers, Glorinda (Catherine Nicholls) and Terryani (Andrew Booth), on to the stage to the moment a yellow submarine appeared in the skies above Austwick at the end we were magically, mystically entertained. Even John and Yoko put in a guest appearance!

So what was it all about? Who knows? There was so much “wacky ‘baccy” in the air it was easy to lose the plot which saw the residents of Austwick (represented by Christine Hooley) coping with all the 1960s could throw at them including student activists, militant feminists and rampant trade unionists (Sam Purcell, Melanie Greenhalgh, Beth Lowe and Elizabeth Booth) – as well as the arrival of the Guru and a new university, run by the Vice Chancellor (Gordon Pimperton) and his assistant (Barbara Harrison), and academics (Tony Stephens and Veronica Caperon).

It all added up to a fine evening’s entertainment summed up in one word: Fab!

Les Chandler

March 2016

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