Austwick Village Show – 2017 Schedule


Flower Section

1. Four roses, on individual stems.

2. Three roses : one in bud, one half-open, one fully open.

3. Four garden pinks of any variety.

4. Four pansies or violas.

5. Four pot marigolds (Calendula).

6. Four French or African marigolds.

7. Four dahlias.

8. Four phlox.

9. Three stems of a flowering shrub.

10. Nine spikes of sweet peas.

11. A container (max. 8 in high) of sweet peas.

12. A vase of hardy annuals.

13. A vase of hardy perennials.

14. A bowl of roses.

15. A bowl of nasturtiums.

16. A flowering house plant.

17. A house plant grown for its foliage.

18. A cactus or succulent pot plant.

Artistic Flower Section

19. “Where have all the Flowers Gone” :

An arrangement of garden foliage,seed heads etc. (grown by the exhibitor) but no flowers (max. 24″ ).

20.An arrangement; “Nursery Rhyme” (max. 24″ ).

21.An arrangement; “Burst of Orange” (max. 24″ ).

22.An arrangement in an unusual container (max. 24″ )

23.A arrangement in a cup and saucer.

Vegetable and Fruit Section

24. Four white potatoes.

25. Four coloured potatoes.

26. Three carrots.

27. Three beetroot.

28. Three white onions.

29. Three red onions.

30. Seven shallots.

31. Two leeks.

32. Five bulbs of garlic.

33. Six pods of peas (podding).

34. Six pods of broad beans.

35. Six pods of French beans.

36. Six pods of runner beans.

37. Two courgettes of any variety.

38. One cauliflower.

39. One cabbage.

40. A selection of salad leaves.

41. One cucumber.

42. Four ripe tomatoes.

43. A truss of tomatoes.

44. One flower and one vegetable.

45. Four distinct vegetables on a tray (max. dimension 24″).

46. Up to six culinary herbs – not in flower.

47. A plate (up to 7″ diam.) of one variety of soft fruit.

48. A plate (up to 7″ diam.) of two to four varieties of soft


49. Any vegetable or fruit not included elsewhere.

Egg Section 

50. Three hen eggs.

51. Three bantam eggs.

52. Three hen eggs (for content)*.

53. Three bantam eggs (for content)*.

54. Three eggs * from any other poultry.

Cookery Section

55. Four bread rolls.

56. Four ginger nuts.

57. Four plain scones.

58. Four pieces caramel shortbread.

59. Four chocolate brownies.

60. A Victoria sponge.

61. Recipe Item: A Carrot Cake (recipe below).

62. Four muffins, sweet or savoury.

63. A named vegetarian savoury dish.

64. A named cold sweet.

65. A fruit pie with crust top & bottom.

66. A jar of jam (labelled).

67. A jar of fruit jelly (labelled).

68. A jar of marmalade (labelled).

69. A jar of lemon or other citrus curd (labelled).

70. A bottle of home-made cordial or non-alcoholic drink (labelled).

71. A bottle of home-made wine or liqueur (labelled).

72. A jar of pickle or chutney (labelled).

73. Men only class: A tea loaf.

Recipe for Carrot Cake


9oz (225g)Carrots (finely grated)


6oz (150g) Soft brown sugar

4½ fl oz (115ml) Vegetable oil

6oz (150g) S.R. flour

1 tsp (5ml) Ground cinnamon

½ tsp (2.5ml) Mixed spice

3oz ( 75g) Desiccated coconut

3oz (75g) Raisins


6oz (150g) Soft cream cheese

6oz (150g) Icing sugar

1 tsp (5ml) Vanilla essence

1oz ( 25g Butter at (room temp.)

2oz (50g) Chopped walnuts

Grease, and line the bottom of, an 8” square cake tin. Heat the oven to 190ºC (350ºF, Gas 5).

Whisk the eggs and sugar together until thick and creamy then slowly whisk in the oil. Add the remaining ingredients and mix together to combine evenly.

Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin, level the surface and bake in the oven for 30–35 minutes until firm to touch and golden brown.

Cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then remove and cool completely on a wire tray.

For the topping, soften the butter and gradually add the cream cheese. Add the vanilla essence and beat in the icing sugar. Spread the topping over the cake and sprinkle with the chopped walnuts.

Art and Handicraft Section

74. A painting in any medium : “Urban Landscape”

75. A painting in any medium and of any other subject.

76. A drawing : “A Bridge”.

77. A drawing of any other subject..

78. Four different photographs on the theme “Trees”.

79. Four different photographs on a theme of your choice.

80. A single photograph: “Seeds”.

81. A papercraft item.

82. A handmade bag, box or bowl.

83. Any item of internal or external decor.

84. Any item using embroidery thread.

85. A knitted or crocheted item.

86. An item of any other needlework (e.g. patchwork).

87. An item of felt work which may include embellishment.

88. Any other item unable to be included elsewhere in this section.

Children’s Section

89. Artwork, under 5 years.

90. Artwork, 5-8 years.

91. Handwriting, 8 -14years: A verse of a song.

92. A painting or drawing of a monster.

93. A poster: “Wanted”.

94. A photograph: “My Pet” or “My Friend’s Pet” (taken by the exhibitor).

95. A decorated crown.

96. A collage on a plate: “A Favourite Meal”.

97. A vegetable/fruit person.

98. A model made from junk.

99. Three cornflake crispies.

100. Something I have grown myself.

101. Anything you like. You made it; let us see it. (No larger than you).

Classes 74-80: Items to be titled and mounted; frames are acceptable.

Classes 78–80: Items on a single mount up to A3 size (30 x 42 cm; 11¾ x 16½ in).


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