We are the champions!

“Pickleball Winners from Austwick Village”

The first ever GB International Open Pickleball tournament with over two hundred entries was played 26-29th May 2017 in Gillingham Kent and the little village of Austwick did Yorkshire proud.

Pam Whitehead and Jo Martin brought home the silver medal in the womens doubles.
Players from as far afield as France, Spain, Finland and the USA fought hard for the much coveted medals and our girls battled their way to victory.

Pickleball is the fastest growing racket sport in the USA and this trend is now happening right here on our home shores.

A combination of Tennis, Badmintion and Table Tennis, Pickleball is played on a badminton court with a Tennis height net. The Paddles (bats) are similar to table tennis bats but larger and the ball is slightly larger than a Tennis ball made of aerated plastic.It is a game suitable for all ages and abilities hence it’s growing popularity.

The Austwick Piccalillis have open play at Giggleswick school on Saturday mornings 10-12. We have 4 courts from total beginner to the more advanced. We have all the equipment you’d need so just bring yourself along and enjoy this fun and entertaining game.

You can contact the Austwick Piccalillis on austwickpickleball@outlook.com

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