ACBA – Update

As a result of the extra-ordinary general meeting (27th June 2017) a number of issues have been resolved:

  • The present officers and committee will remain in post to oversee the ending of Austwick Community Broadband Association
  • ACBA will discontinue by 31st December 2017
  • Each current membership household (27th June 2017) will be given £150 (equal to 5 months B4RN subscription).
  • After operational cost financial reserves will be divided equally between four community organisations: Austwick School, Austwick Parish Hall, Eldroth Parish Hall, Austwick Fields Association
  • Members are reminded to cancel standing orders or payment arrangements in favour of ACBA as soon as possible
  • The Hon Secretary will circulate relevant information and request for bank transfer details to the membership
  • The demise of ACBA will probably mean that members should consider changing their email address as email addresses may cease. Mark Hewgill will supply information by the end of July 2017
  • B4RN as previously indicated are ACBA’s prefered internet supplier, although other service providers maybe considered.
  • As members do connect to B4RN service they should request disconnection from ACBA services, this may occur before the demise of ACBA, to save demands on ACBA volunteers
  • B4RN are actively seeking local volunteers to assist with numerous task associated with establishing the community links throughout the area
  • B4RN information can be found or contact local co-ordinators
  • A future meeting of ACBA will be organised to update the membership

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