Craven District Council – BINS

BINS – a reminder: Please do not report your bin as a missed collection.

We are now prioritising catching up missed green bin collections from last week as well as carrying on as usual collecting this week’s green bin collections.

If your green bin was due for collection last week (Feb 26-Mar 2) and has not yet been collected, please leave it out and we will get there asap. We are also collecting extra bagged waste left at the side of the bins.
If your green bin is due for collection this week (Mar 5-9) please leave it out on the normal day.

Recycling collections (blue bin) will not take place this week as all our crews and vehicles are focusing on green bin collections.

Therefore if your blue bin was not collected last week please leave it out on your usual day next week and we will get to it as normal plus we will also collect any surplus bagged recycling.

If your blue bin is due for collection this week, this will not be collected (as stated previously) – our waste collection crews are being used to catch up on the green bin collections and your next collection will now be in two weeks. Please do not report this as a missed collection. We will also collect extra bagged recycling waste on your next scheduled blue bin collection.

Garden waste (brown bin) collections are suspended this week to allow us to catch up.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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