Monthly Service Timetable and Vicar’s Letter

Visitors to our villages are most welcome at our Church services.  Do come along and join us. Holy Communion is held in Austwick Vicarage every Wednesday at 10.30 am.

Sunday 7 May 9.30 am United Service for Austwick and Eldroth with Revd Richard Bromley, Director of International Church Society at Austwick
11.00 am United Service for Clapham and Keasden with Revd Richard Bromley, Director of International Church Society at Clapham
Sunday 14 May 9.30 am Morning Prayer at Austwick
11.00 am Holy Communion at Clapham
2.00 pm Holy Communion at Keasden
6.30 pm Holy Communion at Austwick
 Sunday 21 May 10.30 am Family Communion and Baptism at Austwick
11.00 am Holy Communion at Clapham
7.00 pm Lambing Service at Wenningside, Keasden
Thursday 25 May 7.00 pm Ascension Day Service at Eldroth
Sunday 28 May 9.30 am Holy Communion at Austwick
11.00 am Holy Communion at Clapham
2.00 pm Evensong at Keasden

Vicar’s monthly letter

Christian Aid Week 14-20 May

Christian Aid was set up 70 years ago to respond to the needs of refugees in Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War.  Theodor Davidovic was one of those refugees.  He says he owes his life to the support of organisations such as Christian Aid which gave him warmth and food, the chance to feel safe and hope for his future.  Theodor is now 91 and has made a new life in Scotland.  But he will never forget the support he received from Christian Aid.  That’s why he’s a life-long supporter and volunteer for Christian Aid week and house-to-hous collections, which are 60 years old this year.  His approach has always been ‘here I am’.  Last year 7 million envelopes were distributed by people like you.  House-to-house collections raise 60% of the income during Christian Aid week and collectors and organisers are the rock on which Christian Aid is built.  By going door to door you are reaching out to your local community, getting to know your neighbours and putting Jesus’ love into action.  Please support Christian Aid and its vital work again this year.

At 9.30 am on 23 July I will take my final Sunday service in Austwick because on 30 July, my last Sunday, there will be two special services: Keasden Church will host a United Family Communion at 10.30 am and then I’d like to have a Community Service of Celebration in Clapham at 3.00 pm which I hope will be something appropriate for all who live within my parishes and beyond.  I hope it will include good singing, a choir, music, speeches, some humour and memories which should be relevant to us all.  Please join us.

Ever blessing,

Your friend and Vicar, Ian

(The Rev Canon Ian Greenhalgh)

(Contact details: Email:; Tel: 015242 51313)