Austwick Community Broadband Association

December 11, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Parish Hall
Lancaster LA2 8BH
Austwick Community Broadband Association @ Parish Hall | Austwick | England | United Kingdom
ACBA Annual General Meeting on Monday 11th December at 7.30 pm.

I attach the formal notice of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Austwick Community Broadband Association. This also serves as the agenda, so you may wish to bring a copy with you to the meeting.

I am also attaching copies of:
1.  The minutes of last year’s AGM.
2.  The minutes of the EGM held on 27th June, 2017.
Both sets of minutes will be for approval at the AGM.
Please note that in order to save paper and ink I will only print a very limited number of “hard” copies for the meeting so you may wish to print and bring your own copies if you intend to attend the AGM.
At the EGM held on 1st June it was decided to wind up ACBA with effect from 31st December, 2017 with the existing officers and committee members appointed to continue in post to implement the winding up and to report back to the membership on the outcome.  This year’s AGM will not, therefore, include nominations for membership of the Committee of ACBA or for any of the Officers’ posts.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please remember that ACBA will be wound up with effect from 31st December.  That means you need to have taken action to arrange:
1.  An alternative broadband service for your property with effect from 1st January.  (The ACBA winding up team will do its best to provide a residual / run off service to a few properties that haven’t connected to the B4RN network by 31st December but this isn’t intended for properties that have failed to “do their bit” – i.e. laying duct across their own garden and/or arranging to have the B4RN house kit fitted.  If you fall into the latter category then it is time to get a move on!)
2.  An alternative email address at the email service will cease with effect from 31st December.  We can arrange for emails addressed to your old email address to be forwarded on to your new email address but you need to tell us ASAP:
(a)  Your new email address.
(b)  That you want such emails forwarding (as some people may not if all they receive to that address is now junk mail).
We do not want to alarm any members but we must point out that time is running out!  
The committee look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM.
Kind regards
Julian Cairns
Hon. Secretary
Tel:  015 242 51069

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