Family History

old (1)If you are trying to trace your family ancestors we may be able to help. We have access to a wide variety of records including

  • Census records for Austwick from 1841 to 1911
  • Clapham Church records from 1596 to 1837
  • Austwick Church records (part)
  • Local photographs and postcards
  • Austwick Tithe records (1851)
  • Craven Muster Roll (1803)

In return for this help, we suggest two options

  • the purchase of the two books about the village by Lindsey Smith – are available from Cross Leigh Store – all proceeds from sales go to the Church Afternoon Fellowship


  • a contribution to the Church (a minimum of £5) – please send a cheque to Rev Ian Greenhalgh, the Vicarage, Austwick LA2 8BE, with family history written on the reverse.