PCC annual report for 2009

Church of the Epiphany, Austwick – Annual Report of the Parochial Church Council for the Year Ended 31 December 2009


Administrative Information


The Church of the Epiphany is situated in the middle of the village of Austwick.  It is part of the Diocese of Bradford within the Church of England.  The correspondence address is The Vicarage, Clapham Road, Austwick, Lancaster LA2 8BE (Tel: 015242-51313).

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity Commission.

PCC members who served from the last APCM until the date this report was approved are :

Incumbent :                            The Revd Ian Greenhalgh                   Chairman

Vice-Chairman                       Bryan Braithwaite-Exley  (died 29.05.09)

Wardens                                 Michael Southworth, Roger Moore

Treasurer:                               John Dyson

Representatives on the Deanery Synod:  Michael Southworth, Sally Edwards

Elected Members:  Lillian Bentham (Eldroth), Ernest Booth, Richard Booth (Eldroth), Giles Bowring, Ann Dyson, Sally Edwards, Mark Foulds, Bob Halstead, Sylvia Harrop, Cate Muckersie, Anne Read, Sally Robinson, Edna Thornton, Neville Wyatt, Lindsay Voigt

The Minutes Secretary to the PCC is Sheila Gooch


Structure, governance and management

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules.  All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC.

Objectives and activities

The Church of the Epiphany’s PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, the Revd Ian Greenhalgh, in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.  It also has maintenance responsibility for the Parish



Achievements and performance


Church attendance

The Average Sunday Adult Attendance (for Sundays when there was a service) during the year was 48 (2008 – 50) at Austwick and 18 (2008  – 20) at Eldroth.  At Austwick 48 services were held on Sundays and at Eldroth 24.  The table below shows the average Sunday attendance figures for years 2003 – 2009.



2003 46 13
2004 52 14
2005 49 17
2006 53 21
2007 48 20
2008 50 20
2009 48 18



Review of the Year


Parochial Church Council

The full PCC met six times during the year with an average level of attendance of 13. This represents 72 % attendance (excluding the Eldroth representatives who have separate meetings).


Young People

We see our contact and collaboration with the village C of E Primary school as a central feature of our involvement with young people in the community.  The Vicar regularly visits the school and we hold several special services for them in the church during the year.

The ‘after school’ club continued to thrive with a solid core of 12 – 15 children.  Ian and Melanie ran this progamme along with a small group of mothers.


Collaboration in the Benefice (Austwick, Clapham, Keasden and Eldroth)

During the year the quarterly United Services for the whole benefice have continued, and we are also having more united evening services (eg. Songs of Praise, Taize, Evensong) which have been well supported.


Outreach activities during the year have included the following activities :

a)  Our links with St John’s, Bowling continued to develop and we met together on two  occasions during the year.  St John’s came to us to enjoy a ‘Primrose Walk’ followed by afternoon tea and the opportunity to share in a Lambing Service at Keasden in the evening.

b)  Occasional Offices continue to offer a great opportunity for reaching the wider community. In particular there were six weddings and four baptisms held in 2009.

c)  During the summer holidays we ran a 2 day children’s holiday club, and a soccer school for 4 days.  These were run in conjunction with Clapham PCC and the Bethel Chapel and were held at Ingleborough Hall.

d)  A comprehensive Social/Fund Raising progamme was organised bringing many people into contact with the church who would not normally participate.  These events included an ‘Open Gardens’ day, our annual Christmas Fayre, a Wine & Cheese evening at Austwick Hall and a  Carol Singing evening at Lawkland Hall.

e)  The Parish Walking Group, in collaboration with Clapham, continued to thrive with 6 walks enjoyed by an average of  15 people.

f)  An information leaflet describing the history of the church was produced and made available for visitors.


The major programme during the year was the installation of a modern oil-fired heating system comprising a condensing boiler, small bore pipework, modern wall mounted radiators, small ‘foot panel’ radiators in each pew and a new oil storage tank.  In conjunction with this a new carpet was laid throughout the church.

The total cost of this enterprise was £29,479 funded by Grants (£8,750), an Appeal (£5,182), Sale of old radiators (£145), Insurance Claim (£1,384) and from Reserves (£14,018)

In addition ‘Smart Water’ was applied to all metalwork both inside and outside, as well as to other valuable items.


Charitable Giving

£5,842 was donated to charities and local organisations during the year (£7,748 in 2008).  This figure includes collections arising from funerals where the Church acted as a ‘conduit’ to pass on the donations to a nominated charity/organisation.   The major categories supported by this were :

  • Children (including Austwick School)      – £1,484  (£1,757 in 2008)
  • Health                                                    – £2,474  (£2,728 in 2008)
  • Christian Charities                                   – £862     (£958 in 2008)
  • Other                                                      – £1,022   (£2,305 in 2008)

Social Events & Fund Raising

There was a full social and fund raising programme during the year with the major events listed below.  The total sum of money raised was £7,655.

  • Street Market                              – £1,271
  • Open Gardens                             – £462
  • Lawkland Hall Wine & Carols   – £633
  • Christmas Fayre                          – £1,445
  • Vicar’s Sponsored Run               – £2,060
  • Coffee Morning                          – £264
  • Cheese & Wine Austwick Hall   – £487

Financial Review

The accounts are ‘complicated’ this year by the treatment of expenditure/receipts for the ‘capital’ project of the heating system and re-carpeting of the church.  However if these are excluded from the figures we made a surplus of £2,030 during the year, compared with a surplus of £2,012 in 2008.

During the year Voluntary Giving (including tax recovered under Gift Aid) was £31,220, an increase of 17% on 2008.  The table below demonstrates the increasing gap between Voluntary Giving and Share.

Year Voluntary Giving Share
2002 18528 20300
2003 18762 21981
2004 23151 22978
2005 23512 24127
2006 24800 27455
2007 23867 31573
2008 26689 32362
2009 31220 38290

Notwithstanding the fact that our Share increased by 18.3% (following the change in policy by the Diocesan Synod to remove ‘capping’), we still managed to pay our share in full and on a regular monthly basis.

Parish Share for the year was £38,290.  Payment of this sum was enabled by a very good increase in the level of voluntary giving, coupled with substantial fund-raising activities.  In addition to all of this a further £5,182 (incl. Gift Aid) was raised as a special appeal towards the cost of the new heating system.

Parish Share for 2010 has been assessed at £37,717.

At the year-end the balance on Unrestricted Funds stood at £21,638 (£22,821 in 2008) and the balance on Restricted Funds stood at £29,840 (£40,646 in 2008).  The substantial reduction in the Restricted Funds balance is accounted for by the investment we made in the new heating system in the Church.

(Since the year end £4,500 in grants for the heating system has been received).

Most of our monies are invested with the Central Board of Finance.


Approved by the PCC on 22nd March, 2010 and signed on their behalf by the Revd Ian Greenhalgh, PCC Chairman

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