Community Players 2011 Show

AUSTWICK Community Players 2011 Show

The Wizard of Oz-twick

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickCast(l to r): Ian Shaw; Elizabeth Booth; George Gooch; Pat Broadhead; Sue Sharples(seated); Andrew Booth; Vivienne Shaw; Catherine Nicholson; Veronica Caperon; Sue Goold.


This year we were taken on a magical tour of the Land of Oz (twick). All our favourite characters from the Wizard of Oz were there, but not all just as we remember them! We saw tall Munchkins, who thought they were small, a camp guard who was very “camp”, and, most surprisingly of all, a Wizard who turned out to be a Wizardess!


There were special effects galore, including thunder, a hot air balloon and an amazing flying house. The costumes were both colourful and extravagant.

The story followed (more or less!) the original story of the film, with all ending well. Dorothy went back home safely, The Wicked Witch was vanquished and the Good Fairy triumphed.

A full house attended on the Over 65s night, followed by record audiences on Friday and Saturday.

In addition to the cast, thanks are due to Sue Goold and Beverley Carter for writing the script and, behind the scenes, Denise Candlin; Richard Caperon; Lizz Cook; Sheila Gooch; Peter Goold; Ian Greenhalgh; Melanie Greenhalgh; Christine Hooley; John Hooley; Debi Parker; Lauren Sharples and all the members of the Catering Committee, who provided such a tasty meal to the Over 65s.

We were particularly pleased to welcome new members Andrew Booth, Debi Parker and Lauren Sharples.

If you are over 18 and think you would like to come and join us for a great, happy time over the winter months, don’t hesitate! Contact our Chairman, George Gooch (015242 51192), the Secretary Ian Shaw (015242 51850) or watch out for details in this newsletter or on the village website ( )of our next meeting and just come along.

See you all next March ! !

Ian Shaw, Secretary Tel: 015242 51850

A few pictures below to remind you and whet your appetite for next time!

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickThe Munchkins meet Dorothy for the first time – (l to r) Dorothy(Sue Sharples); Munchkins (Sue Goold, Pat Broadhead, Andrew Booth)

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickThe Wicked Witch of the West (Vivienne Shaw) threatens them.

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickThe Good Fairy (Catherine Nicholson) gives Dorothy the red slippers

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickThe Wizard’s two Guards (Veronica Caperon, Andrew Booth) – guess which is the camp Guard!

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wickThe Wizard(ess) is revealed (Lion(George Gooch); Wizardess(Sue Goold); Tin Man(Ian Shaw)

Community Players 2011 - Wizard of OZ-wick

All’s well that ends well. Dorothy home at last! (l to r) Hunk(Elizabeth Booth); Hickory(Ian Shaw); Dorothy(Sue Sharples); Zeke(George Gooch); Aunt Em(Catherine Nicholson); Uncle Henry(Veronica Caperon); Dr. Quack(Sue Goold).

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