Church News – June

Church News – June

From the Vicar

“All one in Christ Jesus” (Galations 3 v 28)

When I cycled the Coast to Coast back in 2011, I began my trip in Whitehaven and, about two hours later, passed through one of my favourite Lakeland towns: Keswick.  In 1875 a group of Evangelical Christians met for the first time in Keswick to have a week of fellowship and listen to some of the most gifted Biblical preachers expand scripture.  Since then the new famed Keswick Convention has grown and developed into one of the most edifying gatherings of Christians.

Keswick is now filled with Christians of all ages during the last two weeks of July, with daily acts of worship and teaching, special events for young people and children, and with Christians from a wide variety of traditions and denominations meeting under the banner of ‘All one in Christ Jesus’. In John’s gospel ch 17 v 20, Jesus prays ‘that they may all be one’.

Within our villages we have friends who share our faith but belong to another denomination and yet the glorious message of the Christian faith, the message of Keswick is, we are all one in Christ Jesus.  Our churches in Clapham, Keasden, Eldroth and Austwick are all working together, all working to bring the love of God to our communities.  Whenever we can, let us support and encourage one another, support the special social events and support the united services so that together we can show that by our uniting we are indeed ‘All one in Christ Jesus’.

May god bless you all.  Ian

Primrose walk

On Sunday 12 May a group of keen walkers including our friends from St John’s Bowling made the annual pilgrimage walk over Oxenber and, despite the rain, once again enjoyed the beauty of the wild flowers and stunning views.  On our way down we stopped for a great afternoon tea courtesy of Michael and Frances Southworth.  The Primrose Walk has become an important date in our church calendar and it is lovely to develop our friendship and links with St John’s.

Ascension Day

The Confederation of Schools arrived at Eldroth Church in three separate coaches in pouring rain.  The schools’ orchestra put on a splendid performance with contributions from each school of readings or prayers written by themselves.  Padre Ian talked about things going up and down, his theme being the Ascension.  Each child was given an iced biscuit in the shape of a dove, symbolic of the Ascension, before watching Mr Glen Parker release six homing pigeons on the church lawns.  The pigeons flew up and the rain poured down.  Perhaps spring hasn’t arrived!

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