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Photo: Sheila Gooch


The Lamb with the Golden Fleece

Following in a long line of comedic triumphs the Austwick Community Players staged yet another delightful production.

Written and produced in-house ‘The Lamb With the Golden Fleece’ is the story of ‘ordinary’ country folk coming together to confront an evil banker bent on taking them for every penny they’ve got. This bold burlesque was every bit as funny and eye-catching as the audience packing Austwick Parish Hall has come to expect. Belying its amateur status this rich performance tugged at the heart strings, pricked the conscience, and brought tears of joy in equal measure.


Catherine Nicholls captured perfectly the cold, self-serving bank manager Miss Moneybaggins. Andrew Booth provided an excellent foil as her hapless assistant Nigel. Christine Hooley was magnificent as the racy French film-maker Madame le Telefoto.


George Gooch shone as Halifax-born heart-throb Mario Mozzarelli, Veronica Caperon as stick-clicking, hill-walking Nordic Nora, Gordon Pimperton as sharp East Ender Colin Cockney,Tony Stephens and Sam Purcell as sheep-farming couple Johnny and 

wAusCPlayers1525Sylv Booth, Elizabeth Booth as down-to-earth vet Beverley Barker, and Barbara Harrison as leader of the Austwick Chapter of the hiking Hill’s Angels. Melanie Greenhalgh as Helen Hassocks proved a mean quiz master as well as a convincing vicar.

Chris Chandler

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