Monthly Service Timetable & Vicar’s Letter


Sunday 6
2 Timothy 1.1-14, Luke 17.5-10
9.30am Austwick Holy Communion
9.30am Eldroth Holy Communion
11.00am Clapham Harvest Festival
11.00am Keasden Holy Communion
6.30pm Clapham ‘First Sunday’ Worship

Sunday 13
2 Timothy 2.8-15, Luke 17.11-19
9.30am Austwick Morning Prayer
9.30am Keasden Holy Communion
11.00-1.00 Austwick Messy Harvest
11.00am Clapham Holy Communion
6.30pm Austwick Holy Communion

Sunday 20
2 Timothy 3.14-4.5, Luke 18.1-8
9.30am Austwick Holy Communion
11.00am Clapham Holy Communion
6.30pm Eldroth Evening Prayer

Sunday 27
1 Chronicles 29.6-19, Ephesians 2.19-22, John 2.13-22
9.30am Austwick Holy Communion
11.00am Clapham Holy Communion
7.00pm Keasden Songs of Praise

Holy Communion Service at Austwick every Wednesday at 10.30am

Monday Morning Prayer

At 9.00am on each Monday in October a short and simple service of morning prayer will take place at Clapham Church.

John’s Notes: We’ve always got the Dales: a harvest poem in troubled times

Harvest gives perspective
On this troubled world we’re in
A world, some say, in chaos
While others speak of sin

There is so much anxiety
On the direction where we’re going
There is so much uncertainty
No easy way of knowing

So it’s good to get together here
With family and friends
To mark another season
As another harvest ends

And think how much stronger
People are together
Holding each other closely
Through every kind of weather

And consider how creation
Keeps us together too
How lambing, seedtime, harvest
Bring life to me and you

So in these days where questions
Round every corner meet us
Let’s not let Brexit worries
Weigh on us and defeat us

Harvest gives us trust
In wider, deeper things
In each other, inthe eternal
Those things which make us sing

Prorogation, segregation,
Whatever else prevails
We’ve always got each other and
We’ve always got the Dales

Writeen for the Keasden Harvest Supper 14 September 2019
Revd John Davies, Priest in Charge
Contact Details: 01524 805928
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